Planning a wedding (especially if it’s yours!) can be a huge task to undertake. The pressure of managing everything and still eventually wearing a smile on the day is no game play, sometimes a little help here and there can make the task a little easier.

1. Create a budget
This is usually the first step in planning such a big event. You will know how much you can commit to your big day. Remember to include any amounts from family and friends that you may have available. As a starting point a wedding budget can be created on paper or in a spread sheet.

2. Create a checklist
Send to a budget, a checklist is a great way to remember and keep track of things to do and record expenses for your very special day. Include everything that you will spend on your wedding and create estimates, then once you have actual figures you may include these on your checklist sheet. You may use on online checklist here »

3. Create a guest list
This is a very important stage of planning as you and your fiancé get to decide who will share your special day with you. There are hundreds of free templates online that you can download and customise. You may  view Etiquette Tips for Compiling Your Wedding Guest List or download a guest list template for free.

4. Venue and service providers
You may have already started looking for, or already have booked a venue for your wedding. If you haven’t yet got around to that then now is the time. In your booking decision consider the distance of your venue to where most of your guests live, the photo opportunities that the venue will offer for your  photographer, any sound limits or time limits you may have on your music as well as what food options you have. Your DJ and photographer are also important providers, remember that the good providers are usually booked first so it is a good idea to get these sorted in time. If you are hiring your own chairs and tables then consider a function hiring or rental company and secure you items on time.

5. Friends and family
Tale to your friends and family to get advice and help. You will be surprised at the support you will receive from those close to you. You may want to delegate some small tasks like managing invitations, assistance with gift bags or centre pieces to a friend or family member. Just a little help can take off a lot of pressure, it also helps to know that you are not alone with all this stress.

6. Take a break
Sometimes when the pressure gets too much you may find that you lose that creative spark or feel for doing something. When this happens, take a break. It doesn’t have to be a long one, just let go a little once the pressure is too much. Once you have taken a short break, you will find that your mind is clear and you are ready to tackle the task at hand. Here is a lovely way to de-stress after a long day »

7. Have FUN!
This is one of the most important tips. It may seem difficult to do, but remember that this should be a fun exercise. Involve your best friends and close family, a smile from a friend may go a long way in making the process easier.

Wishing you a lovely wedding day, and a lovely time preparing for it!

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