Family Portraits Photoshoot for Remusa

Remo and Nomusa are so dear to me, i met them a few year ago to do their wedding photos, it was such a special day and i still remember it like it was yesterday.

Remo gave me a call to let me know that it is Nomusa’s birthday and he would like to surprise her with a photoshoot for their family portraits as they have not had any taken since the birth of their beautiful little boy. I was so excited and could not wait to meet Mr O.

The first few moments after meeting O was touch and go as he was not sure who is this lady and why does she want to hold me.

Beautiful family portrait mum and baby having fun at portrait photoshoot cute baby face during their family portraits

As we can see it did not take him long to warm up to this aunty and he was full of smiles. But the leave were more fun to look at and they got more attention that mum and dad.autumn family portraits family-park-photoshoot5 family-park-photoshoot6 sun kissed family portraits photoshoot

We had a blast and the day could not have been better.

family-park-photoshoot8 family-park-photoshoot9 family-park-photoshoot10 family-park-photoshoot12

I can’t wait to have a playdate with his little man again and for us to do some more family portraits.

Thanks guys. XXX