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Please note that since lockdown crime has increased at all parks. The only park I currently would suggest going to is Pine Forest in Bryanston.

Photoshoot Locations

Here are a few locations that I shoot often. If you have a venue that you prefer we can look at that option for your shoot as well.

Pine Forest | Bryanston

Must be one of my favorite places to do photos, easily accessible off the highway and a beautiful little forest in the city.

Delta Park | Randburg

A beautiful park in Randburg with pathways and secret hiding spots, it also has a field full of cosmos flowers at the end of summer.

Gillooly’s Farm | Bedfordview

This is the first venue that I used when I started doing photos over 10 years ago and I still love coming here, there is also a dam and a tiny waterfall full of rocks that is unique and fun to take photos at.

James & Ethel Gray Park | Melrose

A very big park full of large oak trees and offers huge rocks that is fun for the little ones to climb on and get some fun-filled photos

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